Cosmic Gate

The German Trance DJ's and Producers Claus Terhoeven (Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (Bossi), met in 1997 while they had several releases with different projects for X-IT Records in Cologne. In November 1998 the duo met by chance in a studio, and decided to do a track together. The end result was a track called "The Drums" and the duo's first exploration in to Hard Trance; Cosmic Gate was born.
At this point the duo was forced to quit their resident DJ jobs to have enough time for remixes, DJ gigs and new productions.

In 2006 they released their third studio album, "Earth Mover" which was very different from previous Cosmic Gate albums as it no longer had the distinctive Hard Trance sound that they were known for. Their sound evolved even further on the fourth album, "Sign Of The Times" (2009) which took a more 'progressive' approach to Trance music, which also reflects the duo's DJ sets.

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May 3, 2018
hier trifft das gleiche zu wie bei Blank & Jones wer keine singles mehr auf maxi-cd rausbringt sollte sich nicht wundern wenn man nichts mehr holt selbst normale cd alben..Deutsche DJ die lieber in holland alben raus bringen oh gott was ist nur aus denn DJ geworden..bleibt weiter so denn mp3 mist wird bei niemanden mitgemacht dann lieber nichts mehr..


January 3, 2012
Well, Stefan and Claus used to be my favourite producers. Well, they still are, but all tunes involved are from the pre-2006 era. From their very first exploits like the infamous remix of 'U96 - Das Boot' or 'Mental Atmosphere', to the very last harder Cosmic Gate tracks like their take of 'CYB - Now'. their sounds were absolutely sublime AND unique. After that however, even they, at least so it seems, succombed to the typical big shot trance bandwagon. And within no time became one of the most celebrated 'regular' trance deejays and producers.

And even if I, and with me many other hard trance maniacs, do not longer listen to their new stuff, the scene should always be grateful to the immense contribution they made to our favourite kind of music!


January 15, 2004
The sound of Cosmic Gate is enthralling. Hard Trance is their forte and needless to say, they make some of the hardest trance tracks around. From Exploration of Space (most likely their most illustrious track) to Fire Wire and to The Truth and the rest – all tracks are mixed excellently. Their performances live at Trance Energy are just awesome also. The sound of Cosmic Gate remains etched in my mind throughout the years.

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