Real Name:Robert Hampson

Main (1991-1998) was formed by Robert Hampson and Scott Dawson in 1990. Both members had come from the band Loop (1985-1990). The initial imperative was to deconstruct the "iconic" form of guitars and place them in a different context and change their language. Surrounded by other sounds from field and close / contact mic recordings of found objects, these were then manipulated until the identifiable became unidentifiable. After recording the first two EPs Hydra and Calm, G.C. Green of Godflesh joined as a third member for Dry Stone Feed, Firmament and Motion Pool until leaving in 1993. Gradually, since the departure of Dawson in 1996, the use of the guitar has appeared less and the field recordings have become much more the source of the Main sound.

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Members:G.C. Green, Robert Hampson, Stephan Mathieu




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