Jean F. Cochois

Real Name:Jean Frank Cochois

JFC is a tinkerer, and nothing that isn't 100% perfect will leave his studio, "silent chamber". This demand seems to stem from his classic musical education, but perhaps also from his first electronic band, which he founded at 14. He even did some experiments with home-made effects processors. Some years later, with Brigade Werther he did EBM and accompaning this project compositions for the avantgarde-stageplays Subtonik and Exploding Faust at the off-theater Frankfurt/Main. He released two reknowned house-albums under his monicker "The Timewriter" ("letters from the jester" 1997 and "jigsaw pieces" 1998). On "mole -listening pearls" he released the actually made in 1994 JFC-album "The Timerewinder", a timeless ambient-collage

Sites:Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Aliases:Cozmo Giant, Drain Pipe, Elias, Jeremy (2), Journeyman (3), Papillon, The Stranger (6), The Timewriter
In Groups:Brigade Werther, Dynamic Maniax, Essential Heads, Lesamis
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