Mike Slott

Real Name:Michael Slott

Mike Slott is one of modern electronic music’s leading lights. His music seems to define the curve that many others follow, often years ahead of its time, and we love him for it. His timeless Heralds Of Change project, a collaboration with Hudson Mohawke in the late 2000s, and subsequent releases on LuckyMe, are some of the finest amalgamations of hip hop and electronica ever made. It’s no surprises that Mike describes his music-making process as an altruistic activity. “It’s inspiring for me to know that when you sit down to make music, it might have an effect on someone — for three minutes of their day or whatever, to take them to some place…” We wish there were more Mikes in the world.

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In Groups:Heralds Of Change, Lesser Pieces, LuckyMe
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