Hellsystem Tyrwalz

January 24, 2019
Great Italian-style producer that really has his own unique touch to songs. You don't find many hardcore producers these days with their own style and quality like Hellsystem.

Hellsystem as reviewed by H3ssian

January 11, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
Listening to His music change my point of view for Hardcore music. I've never heard so expressive melodies (Hustlers), and so f*ckin' scary theme (Devil). I also like the changes in drum line - they are original, knockin' ass beats. It reminds me a very complicated machine, that sometimes brokes, but only for a while and then returns to it's complicated tasks. A self-repairing machine...

Anyway - your music impressed me like nothing before...

Now I wait for another album. Hope it will arrive... Great work man, keep it that way!!!

Hellsystem as reviewed by mastermuk

August 31, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
This guy is at this moment(2004)in my oppinion the forward leading hardcore Artist and gave the Hardcore Blasters label a new impulse. I can't imagine what Hardcore Blasters would be like without him. He uses very energetic bass-lines and makes really Superb chilling Breaks! He really knows how to get the best out his equipment. It is surely an Artist with an big A! Giorgio your the shit!!!