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Eiffel 65 is an Italian electronic/eurodance 3-piece group, formed in the late 90's and best known for their international hit "Blue (Da Ba Dee)". The name "Eiffel" was chosen randomly by a computer program and the "65" was scribbled onto their name on a demo by mistake; it was actually part of a phone number.

Gabry Ponte left the group in 2005 to focus on his solo career.

In June 2006, Gianfranco Randone and Maurizio Lobina started a new project under the name Bloom 06.

In 2010, the full lineup reunited as Eiffel 65. Gabry announced he was no longer working with the group in 2016. , Wikipedia
Aliases:Bloom 06, Blue Boys (5), Ghetto Blisters, Zorotl
Members:Gabry Ponte, Gianfranco Randone, Maurizio Lobina
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