J.R. Bookwalter

J.R. Bookwalter is an american cinema director, producer and engineer. He began his career at in 1985 at age 19 with The Dead Next Door, an ambitious zombie epic financed by a now-legendary Hollywood director. After learning the ropes with a series of less-than-satisfying work-for-hire features, Bookwalter founded Tempe as an outlet to make & self-distribute such films as Ozone and Polymorph. In 1997, Bookwalter relocated to Hollywood, where he produced 12 features for Full Moon Pictures in just 3 years as well as directing two popular Witchouse sequels.
The Akron, Ohio native went back on his own in 2003 with Tempe Dvd, releasing deluxe Special Editions of his past work as well as creating a new home for some "not-so-classics" with the comedy series Bad Movie Police. Considered by many to be a "pioneer" in the wildly popular shot-on-video movement, in 2005 Bookwalter celebrated his 20th year in the business, marked by Anchor Bay's release of The Dead Next Door Special Edition Dvd, bringing his career full circle.


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