サイケアウツ (also known as Cycheouts, Psycheouts, etc) was a Japanese Jungle/Drum'n'Bass unit from Osaka that was active from 1994-2004. The group was formed initially by Hitoshi Akii (then of Off Mask 00, donning the alias MCロックンロール) and noise musician Oohashi Akira, calling himself Mr. ディラック. In addition, DJ Lucky (2) (acting as both a producer and VJ), カッタ-HELL (on turntables), DJ Hal (3) and MC Die-Suck (both as MCs), and two theatrical performers known as Hater-E made up the rest of the unit's lineup. They released numerous albums over the years, on both Red Alert Records and their own label A-10 Records, as well as many non-label releases. These non-label releases were notable as their content had a tendency to vary somewhat between each individual copy, despite being presented as the same release. Their works contained samples from a very wide variety of sources, such as industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle, anime such as Urusei Yatsura, many 8-bit arcade games, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, and Meat Beat Manifesto. サイケアウツ performed live alongside such acts as Boredoms; one of their most prolific live venues being Japan's Fuji Rock Festival in 1999. Their live act was very different from most of their recorded music, in that most songs featured full live vocals from MCロックンロール along with MC support from Die-Suck and Hal, scratching by カッタ-HELL, and intimidating on-stage antics from the Hater-Es. The military dress code, live MCing, and turntable spinning was influenced by early Public Enemy appearences. In early 2004, the group disbanded, Akii leaving to focus on his new project Love Beach, Hal having his side-project ゴッドOD, Die-Suck acting as vocalist for a number of grindcore acts, one of the Hater-Es continuing to DJ as DJ Indra, and Lucky continuing to run Beauty:Burst. (The current activities of the other Hater-E are unknown.) Mr. ディラック and カッタ-HELL (now using the alias 赤城エンタープライズ) then continued the group under the new name サイケアウツG (Cycheouts Ghost).

Members:Die Suck, DJ Hal (3), DJ Lucky (2), Hater-E, Hater-E (2), Hitoshi Akii, Mr. ディラック, カッタ-HELL
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