Jimmy Silva

Jimmy Silva, singer & songwriter whose songs were covered by The Smithereens and the Young Fresh Fellows was born in San Mateo, California. He died on December 23, 1994, due to complications from chicken pox at the age of 42.

He was a member of a couple short lived groups in the mid 80s, Back Of Head and The Grifters, a band Silva formed in San Francisco.

Silva released his debut LP Remnants Of The Empty Set on PopLLama Records in 1986, his second LP Fly Like A Dog followed in 1987, in 1992 he released Heidi on the East Side Digital label and his final release Near The End Of Harvest was issued in 1996.

His last live performance was at Seattle's Last Mocha Coffeehouse on October 30th, 1994, that featured just Silva with his electric guitar.
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