Blödarna (The Bleeders) were a short lived outfit led by Stry Terrarie, one of Swedens front figures in punk rock and famous from bands like Kriminella Gitarrer, Garbochock and Ebba Grön. But in the short life of Blödarna it was far from punk rock. On this record the music has more in common with International Harvester than Sex Pistols. The song is divided on both sides and recorded live in Lund spring 1979. Blödarna also contributes to the compilation cassette "Eldbegängelse" from 1981.
Both Stry Terrarie and Mikael Westergren later continued in Garboschock and Babylon Blues, Ola Åstrand in Soldat Opiat, Eva Sjuve in Kabinett Död and Soldat Opiat.