Cabaret Voltaire AlexKide

January 28, 2021
Wow! Three new records on the way:
Shadow Of Funk - EP, 26th February
Dekadron - LP, 26th March
BN9 Drone - LP, 23th April

Cabaret Voltaire Crijevo

January 28, 2021
I hate to be cynical about this, but something tells me, "Cabaret Voltaire" will pop up every now and then with the new album or EP - like popcorn...

I love Cabaret Voltaire, I really do, with all my heart (for most of their past work, meaning plenty and on repeated listen). "Shadow Of Fear" is already not what it insists on, although there are a few surprisingly interesting moments to provoke some curiosity... but "Billion Dollar" just freshly presented via YT announcing the EP called "Shadow Of Funk"? So predictably mediocre, shallow and generic, it hurts! Had it not being presented as "Cabaret Voltaire", would anyone really - but really - care at all to say "wow"?! Sorry to say this folks, but Richard Kirk sadly sounds like flogging the poor dead excuse of a horse of his, many refuse to hear the cries of a wild animal it once was. Judging from the "universal praise" online, people only seem to lazily type in the words like "genius", "amazing", "great" - based on "who" is it by, not the piece of music that is playing. Just a tiny reminder - "Groovy, Laid Back And Nasty" is still one of the more unforgiving episodes from the time when Kirk and Mal worked together - compared to this, "Groovy" at least is Cabaret Voltaire in the flesh, in one of their logical steps forward. And enjoyable for all it is (necessarily not). And this? Sorry, this is faceless as faceless can be. For a returning pioneer who truly influenced many, it is downright sad to hear results this unimaginatively poor.

Cabaret Voltaire AlexKide

August 19, 2020
New album called Shadow Of Fear (first studio album in 26 years!) is out on 20th November on legendary Mute Records!

Cabaret Voltaire buddysrecords

February 16, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Mal -"We all used to be skinheads, which is how we first came to know each other..We were brought up on Soul and Reggae ..which probaby explains our preoccupation with rhythm.. you could call us an experimental Skinhead band, but I really don't like to put labels on it" from a interview in Masterbag #12, 1982.

Cabaret Voltaire rwatso

May 24, 2017
I love all their phases, but that's a function of liking techno and synthpop, as well as experimental and industiral. Somehow they covered it all, but the one common factor is a level of complexity and funk, that evolves through a track, that was always a few steps ahead of everyone else. Its no wonder that they were hugely influential to 90s trance (especially goa trance) as well as Underworld, etc.

Cabaret Voltaire CTR

August 9, 2017
Just listening to 3 Mantras - peerless stuff.. Where was it coming from ?


Cabaret Voltaire as reviewed by WALTHAMSTOW007

June 1, 2016
How do you sum up Cabaret Voltaire? Well, there's something for everyone..... Some like the early, some like the middle and some like the latter phase of this genius. Me, I love it all, I never tire of it, I'm always digging and delving, back and forth and it doesn't matter what mood I'm in, I'll always find something that'll put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. A brilliant, insurmountable body of work :-)

Cabaret Voltaire moysmat

August 13, 2015
having been a massive fan of the cabs from a very early date i have to agree with some and not agree with others from hearing headkick in a club called eric in liverpool in 1978 i was hooked the early stuff was raw and very dark but with a crazy uplifting beat i agree with richard h kirk when he says red mecca was the album that best described the time but i also think voice of america as stunning in its concept. then came for me the two massive highlights of the early cabs yashar and three mantras both records were 15 years ahead of their time and nobody has or can better them as for the later stuff i think the last one i can say caught me was i want you and sensoria due to the fantastic beats .
going back to the early days seeing the cabs a few times i have to admit some of the gigs were helped with a chemical inducement lol
i saw them at the town and country club in the late 70s and retford porterhouse in the early 80s both gigs left me wanting more .
cabaret voltaire have lifted british music to heights it was struggling with without realising they did it .
if it wasnt for the cabs british dance music would not be what it is sampling cut ups etc .
so when people like the press start firing what did the achieve at you tell them everything that is good about music can be foumnd in a cabs record collection

Cabaret Voltaire Anonymouse72b1a948c

February 12, 2016
Well expressed, thanks. I think I was at that T&C gig too :-)

Cabaret Voltaire as reviewed by fedge

January 8, 2014
edited over 7 years ago
Even though the band approved, I'm not a fan of the album cover redesigns in the box set. Should have gone with the originals, as shown in the nice booklet.

Cabaret Voltaire islandmediacds

June 7, 2013
Cabaret Voltaire treated harshly by its own country's music press at the time. However with each record, each was different from the other. I would put them along with New Order in that they were releasing music that was stark, brilliant produced. I love the mid 80s period, but they were a band that could not stand still. Some bands carry on to long(u2), however the cabs left a legacy of elecronica that will never be surpassed

Cabaret Voltaire inoxchrome2002

December 16, 2012
edited over 8 years ago
No, no, no!
I love early Cabs music... experimental... near, but better then Throbbing Gristle, ClockDVA, TestDept... and so on.
But the latter records, such as Groovy, Laidback and Nasty, and Body and Soul. Please avoid this melting techno phase.

Cabaret Voltaire fygr

January 22, 2021
If anyone ever asks me to recommend somewhere to start with CV I always tell them to get anything from the period before Chris Watson left. What followed was cheesy, derivative car alarm music, most notably the dross issued during the Parlophone era.

Cabaret Voltaire danivolt

November 29, 2016
When I heard the first time Groovy L and N album I was so dissapointed that I was crying : but about less than a year later I was crying because of this songs perfection like Searchin Runaway or any track on it : after moving to Detroit because of Techno Music DJ ing twenty years experienced the pioneers of techno and house music I gotta say that Groovy Laidback and Nasty is defenitely the Best ever electronic dance album of all time :Body and Soul -also an House an acid house
album not techno -is also excellent sometimes may sounds more simple than tracks like Invocation or but surely one of the greatest sounds in electronic history speciel ambient tracks like Decay than 92's International Language an ambient-house /techno album is the best music ever years before Juan Atkins or Carl Craig reached their best .

Cabaret Voltaire Richard_23

August 27, 2012
I owe Sheffield an incalculable debt of gratitude for nurturing both Cabaret Voltaire and Hula, among countless other things. Here's to Drinking Gasoline, Poison and other feats of sonic brilliance captured in wax. Where do we get such men?

Cabaret Voltaire as reviewed by djpepsi

March 7, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
I can't believe these guys haven't received some honorary award or recognition for them basically starting the whole Sheffield experimental/techno scene. With their 'Western Works' studio being used by just about everyone who was anyone in Sheffiled during the early Acid/Rave years and beyond. And, if that's not enough, they basically invented the art of 'sampling', using sources for music other than conventional instruments/synths. Legends in their lifetimes.

Cabaret Voltaire Ron242

March 9, 2011
Richard H. Kirk was offered several awards but refused to receive them. 'This because fellow musicians deserved them more then he did.' The time seems fitting to please him with a lifetime electronic achievement award. Hereby given.

Cabaret Voltaire as reviewed by Yage_2097

May 1, 2004
edited over 10 years ago
One of the best industrial Groups. Very influential on techno groups (f.e.Underworld), industrial-dance groups (f.e. Skinny Puppy) and even experimental-post-punk-groups (f.e. Durutti Column).

Cabaret Voltaire as reviewed by eiskristall

June 11, 2002
Mr. Kirk has earned my admiration. To make avantgarde music through such a long time (Cabaret Voltaire, Sweet Exorcist, Sandoz). Only Thomas Fehlmann and Moritz Von Oswald have a comparable fantastic carreer... Respect!!