Szilágyi László

Real Name:
László Szilágyi
Famous Hungarian operetta songwriter, László Szilágyi (Ladislas Szilágyi) was also a poet, writer, journalist and film songwriter.
Born 2 October, 1898 in Budapest.
Died 6 September, 1942 in Budapest, Hungary.
He studied Law at the University of Budapest, but turned to journalism for a career. From 1919, he was a correspondent of Latest News (Új Hírek).
The cabaret stages of Budapest liked putting on his jests and one-act plays, e.g. "Seduce My Wife" (Csábítsa el a feleségem). His first operetta, "Levendula", was produced at the Castle Theater (Várszínház); after that he became one of the popular operetta and libretto writers. In 1928, he was contracted to the King (Király) Theater. Several of his pieces were played with success abroad. His operetta "My Violin Broke" (Eltörött a hegedűm) was made into a sound-film. Another of his well-known films is "The Borrowed Husbands" (Kölcsönkért férjek) (1942). His operettas include "Good Old Budapest" (Régi jó Budapest) (1925); "Kissing Woman" (Csókos asszony) (1926); "Golden Swan" (Aranyhattyú) (1927); "Falling Leaf" (Hulló falevél) (1935) and "Lieutenant Maria" (Mária főhadnagy) (1943). [Hungarian World Encyclopedia]


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