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Hip hop has been a constant source of inspiration to this L.A. based DJ/Producer. It gave the black youth a voice, a chance to communicate and relate to one another through unique expression. In addition, hip hop is about progression; moving forward. Taking the records our parents played for us as kids and giving them new life.

As a child, Rylo's parents played records that were as mixed as his background. His father was a huge fan of soul music and known vinyl junkie. However, being African, he would also buy imports from his native land when at the record stores every payday. On the other hand, his British mother was a collector of shante-town reggae and dub. Lastly, primarily raised in the states, Rylo and his brother picked up on hip hop and alternative. And if that were not enough, with the explosion of the rave scene, Rylo was drawn to music he foresaw as the future of dance music. While remaining a true hip hop head, Rylo loved the many forms of
music the underground had to offer. Listening to house, drum n' bass and down tempo abstracts propelled his music and sets to the next level.

It is this level which radio stations such as K.Ç.R.W. picked up on. With promos being played since about '95, Rylo was making a name for himself as a producer. Up to this point, he had established himself as a DJ playing the L.A. club circuit. His residency included Garth Trinindad's "Caramel City," Nemesis Projects' "Session," and Robert H.'s "Bomb Shelter" as well as many others. Recognized as a DJ and up and coming producer, Rylo was eventually picked up by L.A. indie Abstrakt Reality Records. ARR currently has 3 full length releases under it's belt which all contain tracks by DJ Rylo.

Teaming up with fellow DJ/ARR artist Tony Watson, the two formed The Mekanic Label. The first installment of their
"Fourcorners" 12-inch series have aficionados buzzing, restoring faith in the bright future ahead for L.A. producers. The duo also currently host a radio show Monday to Thursday from 10pm to 12am PST on
Their show "Freeform" consists of anything with soul, an eclectic mix of hip hop, trip hop, house and all that has inspired them. With special guests such as Marques Wyatt and Doc Martin showing up nightly, their show proves to be as spontaneous as the music being played.

Currently, Rylo's first full-length
Simplistic Healing is complete and scheduled to be released this summer on
The Mekanic Label. In the tradition of experimentation and innovation, DJ
Rylo continues to break new ground. While mainly instrumental, Simplistic
Healing boasts tracks which feature spoken word artist Munibee Wimla, M.C.
O.M.A.N. and crew Nomadic Cyence. The above being the essential matrix to
explosive shows. Anyone who watched them open for NY's Ming & FS last year,
at Knee Deep in the Countdown, will confirm.

While too numerous to completely mention,
Rylo has accomplished so much more. Never losing touch with his DJ roots,
Rylo continues to educate the masses. He has spun with Philly's own King
Britt (Slyk 130) at the annual Ritual Events Fashion and Music Expo. He
played at the AFI Film Festival where he provided a live soundtrack to a
feature film. He continues to rock Kevin Haley's word-of-mouth Motion Sick
parties and various loft parties throughout L.A. And lastly, he has played
as a guest DJ on various radio shows such as "Celsius Drop" on

In the spirit of contribution as opposed to
competition, DJ Rylo wants to give back to the music that has given him so
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Singles & EPs

SBDKS001 DJ Rylo - All Worth It EP album art Dj Rylo All Worth It EP(12") Sebadukes SBDKS001 US 2004 Sell This Version
SBDKS002 DJ Rylo - Life For Living EP album art DJ Rylo Life For Living EP(12", EP) Sebadukes SBDKS002 US 2005 Sell This Version
SCR-015 DJ Rylo - Holes After Dark EP album art Linoleum Lineage : DJ Rylo & Omanjamari Linoleum Lineage : DJ Rylo & Omanjamari - Holes After Dark EP(12", EP) Subcontact SCR-015 Japan 2007 Sell This Version

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