Mauro Pawlowski

Real Name:Mauro Antonio Pawlowski

Born in Belgium (April 1971), Mauro Pawlowski is a prolific musician and songwriter. He formed 'Evil Superstars' in 1992. Since their split in 1998 he has been doing music for theatre, making guest appeareances and playing free improv. He also recorded a solo album under the name of 'Mauro' and is involved in a lot of bands.

Note: Mauro uses his full name (Mauro Antonio Pawlowski) only for his solo free-folk avantgarde releases. All the rest is released under his short name (Mauro Pawlowski). , , MySpace , Wikipedia ,
Aliases:Maurits Pauwels, Mauro Antonio Pawlowski, Otot, Pawlowski Orchestra, Somnabula
In Groups:Augsburger Tafelconfect, Bedtime For Bonzo, Bum Collar, Club Moral, dEUS, Evil Superstars, Galina (2), Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Hitsville Drunks, Horns (2), i-H8 Camera, Kiss My Jazz, Maurits Pauwels En De Benelux Calypsos, Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms, Mitsoobishy Jacson, Monguito, Othin Spake, Possessed Factory, Radical Slave, Ratzinger
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