G.-E. Poletti

Real Name:
Georges-Emmanuel Poletti
DJ and composer he rejects musical gender or codes.

Acid, Techno, Hardcore, Indus, Psy Trance, Jazz, Electro, Breaks, Downtempo here are some formalities for his saints ears which include several styles in a set instead of being « labelled »...

Founder of Orange&Lemon with the projects St.Paul, Digital Pirates, St.Paul on Acid, Mood Ticket, V.O.G., Genetic Dysfunction.

He is the founder of TheCollective.ch, real Education and art centre for electronic and computer culture. This association was the owner of the swiss V-SO Club & Art Gallery which welcomed the best DJ and lives : O.O.O.D., Estroe, Maxx-T, Terrorist, Gemini, Psyberpunk, Divinity, Ardisson, Artmode, Solar Quest, Sandrien, Edit Present, The Moderator, Kukan Dub Lagan, Opak, Puja Dub Operators, Romeo, Volta, Ryan Hawkin, Helmut Kraft, Karri O., Soniccube, Soul Phonic, Voice of Cod,…

In 2008, TheCollective.ch closes its doors and by the way the V-SO Club died.

St. Paul never gives up and founds Orange & Lemon which includes the following activities: events organisation, booking, label. Then the musical projects are numerous:

• St. Paul (Dj) Psytrance oldschool
• Digital Pirates (Live) Acid downtempo
• St.Paul on Acid (Live & Dj) Aciiiiid
• Moodticket (Live & Dj) from lounge ambient downtempo to electro dub
• V.O.G. (Live) with the jazz drummer Philippe Bollenrücher, Psychedelic lounge downtempo
• Genetic Dysfunction (Live) with Sick Spud, Downtempo techno dub house

He leaves Psyberpunk to work on new projects. He still plays and his musical creation are influenced by styles he met during his ascension: waves are acid and psychedelic oriented, basses are groovy, funky and beats more than ever broken, close to breakbeat including African and Indian percussions. He severally proved that he is part of the greatest DJ and live musician.

He imports Acid House during the first swiss illegal party (Amytiville, Inox, Orange & Lemon,…), creates « Genetic Dysfunction » with David Scrufari (machines) and Vicky (singer) and then manages the electronic programming of the « Caves du Manoir » while organising « PartyZone » and other mad parties in Switzerland.

He also is the founder of the « Cyberpunk Movement » (now Psyberpunk) and still plays Hardcore with two brand new live projects: Ox-Udder et St.Paul Live.

He plays in the most famous raves and clubs in Switzerland (Cubik, Magic Kingdom, Evolution, Futurescope, Rave Storm, Pyramid, Stufenbau, Fri-Son, Usine, Reitschule, Mad, Wasserwerk, Via Felsenau…).

Later he is literally captivated by the organic sound of “psychedelik, trance, ethno, groove” music and creates a live act with David Scrufari and Brousse : U.V.W. (Return to the source) and play in France, Germany, England, Thailand.

From April 1996 to June 1998 he is resident DJ of the “Psyberpunk Metissages” on the swiss national radio Couleur 3.
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