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From acid-jazz collective to mellow Ibizan house, A Man Called Adam have pursued much the same fusion of gentle jazz/house rhythms with classic pop songwriting despite the progression of stylistic identifiers used to describe their sound. Comprised mainly of Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones (3) but also Paul Daley, Peter Woolcott,... The group has not only courted the middle-aged coffee-table crowd with a sophisticated sense of pop songcraft, but also kept a close connection to the dance community, courtesy of their ownership of Other Records. A Man Called Adam's ethereal female vocals and inspirations from jazz as well as house make for easy comparisons with Everything But The Girl, though Rodgers and Jones gradually became more pop-slanted during the '90s.

Paul Daley is a former member and went on to form Leftfield.
Peter Woolcott is a former member and went on as Lacarno. , Bandcamp , , Facebook , Instagram , Lastfm , , Mixcloud , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , X , YouTube
Aliases:Beach Flea
Members:Paul Daley, Peter Woolcott, Sally Rodgers, Steve Jones (3)
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