Megalon (2)

Real Name:Thomas N. Rollins

Tommy Gunn, also known as Megalon, is a hip-hop artist from New York, with his latter alias known for his association with the hip-hop group Monsta Island Czars, also based in New York.

One of the founding members of M.I.C., his career started before the founding of the hip-hop collective with Robert "Bobbito" Garcia's Fondle 'Em Records. Initially known for his features on MF DOOM's 'Operation Doomsday', Megalon appeared on a few other projects (including M.I.C.'s 2003 album 'Escape from Monsta Island!') and released his 2000 single 'One In A Million' before releasing his first solo album, 'A Penny For Your Thoughts' in 2004. Notable for its features from fellow Czar Ray Long and the track 'Rainblood' being produced by Subroc, 'A Penny For Your Thoughts' would receive a 20th anniversary (and first ever vinyl) reissue under FXCK RXP RXCXRDS in 2024.

Like many other members of M.I.C., information about Megalon remains elusive, but it is known that he has (or still is) served time at Five Points Correctional Facility in New York.

Aliases:Thomas N. Rollins, Tommy Gunn
In Groups:Monsta Island Czars




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