Ishq Refried

November 7, 2019
This group seems to have a machine with a giant button that says, "Make Album" on it. They have far too many clones of ultimately the same songs, when all is said and done. While some of their later works are banal, you can tell that their earlier works contained more thought and devotion and are worth giving attention to.

Ishq as reviewed by bullfinchart

June 3, 2017
Ishq has/have produced some beautiful work over the years. Obviously Orchid is the go-to album, and it is a well-deserved classic, but there are other great moments scattered throughout the Virtual catalogue. Some will enjoy every album Matt puts out through his various aliases, although as mentioned below, there's a certain sameness to his synth sounds that makes oversaturation likely. That said, due to the limited nature of the releases, it's most wise to give them a listen and pick the ones that stand out to you.

Everything from abstract drone to intricately programmed synth miniatures can be found, and although the overtly rhythm and melody-centred approach of Orchid is mostly restricted to the 'bigger' albums (Sama, And Awake) and the compilations (Lotus and Sunflower both highly recommended), there are plenty of beautiful pieces throughout the many albums put out.

My personal favourites include Seascapes and Blue Infinity (beautifully sculptured droney ambient), Fhorm (strangely experimental soundscapes), both Ishvara albums (wonderful textures and melodies) and Onirojenik World by Onirojenik (amorphous, flowing organic ambience). This isn't necessarily a project to be a completist of, but one to find your favourite releases of and enjoy them for their own qualities.

Ishq Czorny

January 7, 2017
Ishq was one of my favorite bands. They still are, but I only listen to their early songs, up to 2010-2011. The rest sounds like one album to me: just some noises with one single tune repeated multiple times for one hour. Nothing special, tons of similar albums out there. Yet you won't find anything similar to Orchid and Nepalese Sun song is a pure masterpiece.

Ishq jonaswilde

November 27, 2016
I find their minimalism and good nature heartening and great to work to. Strength to strength with every subtle, gentle release.

Ishq sonicboffin

March 4, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
Love beauty and harmony.

Some will find music with those qualities offensive if they are full of hate or shall we say insecure and judgemental.

Ishq means 'love' in case people didnt know.

Listen with your heart.


Ishq Articuno

February 25, 2016
Love = soft, warm, boring sounds, and anyone who doesn't like it must be filled with hatred!

Ishq Articuno

November 21, 2011
Ishq debuted with something amazing and unique. Every release since then has been getting more bland and inoffensive than the last. Now his music all sounds the same: some water sounds, some soft melodies, some girl moaning, nothing happening. Unfortunate that his original stroke of art went nowhere. From his extensive catalog, Orchid is the only one worth listening to.

Ishq Yuripetusko

February 12, 2017
Hello. Please give another go to such wonderful albums as: Sama, AndAwake, Flowering mountain earth, both Elve albums, both Ishvara albums. Sunflower and Bloom. You will see that Orchid is not the only amazing album. Thanks :)

Ishq Czorny

January 7, 2017
Absolutely agree. Orchid was and still one of the best ambient albums ever. I'm also very disappointed in new Ishq albums - they all seem "default", there're tons of similar albums. Orchid remains the only one, nothing similar.

Ishq MeltingCORE

January 7, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
Check out Deep Space Objects and Seascapes. Seems you may missed those brilliant releases. (Of course, my opinion but let me know - do the songs Airships and Octagon Skies and Globular Cluster move you at all?)

Ishq fabriknos

December 14, 2016
I wouldn't be so harsh as to say their art went nowhere, however I do agree that there has been a sort of generic sameness with Ishq albums after the first couple. With the lone exception of Orchid, released in 2001, in 9 years Ishq has released 30 albums - that's over 3 full length albums per year! The definition of oversaturation. And it's very spatial ambient music, which by nature isn't very memorable. If you ask someone "What is your favorite Ishq track?" no one could answer that. Orchid is of course an exceptional album, and one of my favorites in the ambient genre. But there is very little past that album that I can remember, for better or for worse. And they still keep putting out album after album. I'm predicting they will be up to 90 albums by the time they retire.

Ishq jonaswilde

November 27, 2016 I find their minimalism and good nature heartening and great to work to. Strength to strength with every subtle, gentle release. Don't need aural fireworks all the time.

Ishq bluespiral

March 4, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
what can you say ?

Ishq councilof9

October 31, 2012
I used to think the same until i heard it live. It may not be the most innovative band ever, but there actually is something very special behind this music. It grows over time. Not your typical artists that you fall in love with from the first listen.

Ishq Ztary

February 29, 2012
Lol. Your name is a Pokemon.
I agree though.

Ishq nyamcz

November 27, 2010
Very special band.

Ishq mikeoshi

October 13, 2010
Ishq is heavenly, ecstasy, bliss... simply amazing. Sama is one of my all time favorites.

Ishq Fragletrollet

February 3, 2010
Ishq is a truly magical project. Orchid is one of my definitive ambient favorites.