Men At Work


Australian pop rock band founded in 1978 which achieved international success in the 1980s. They are the only Australian artists to reach the Number 1 position in album and singles charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom with Business as Usual and "Down Under". The group won the 1983 Grammy Award for Best New Artist and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. In 2019, Colin Hay reformed Men at Work, being the band's first tour since 2002, with brief reunions in 2009.
Members have included: Colin Hay (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ron Strykert (guitar, vocals, 1978–1985), John Rees (2) (bass, 1979-1984), Greg Ham (saxophone, flute, keyboards, 1979–1985, 1996–2002; occasional performances until 2012; died 2012), Jerry Speiser (drums, 1979-1984). , Facebook , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Colin Bayley, Colin Hay, Greg Ham, Heta Moses, Jerry Speiser, John Rees (2), John Watson, Paul Williamson, Peter Maslen, Rick Grossman, Rodrigo Aravena, Ron Strykert, Simon Hosford, Steve Hadley, Stuart Speed (2), Tony Floyd
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