Želimir Babogredac


Croatian music producer and publisher, born 1953 in Vinkovci, Croatia. In 1979 founded Studio Rockoko, Bošnjaci in Slavonia, Croatia, as a very first residential professional music studio in Yugoslavia. Zagreb-based since 1990 where the studio was transferred (Studio Rockoko, Zagreb), producing more than 200 albums and some of the most popular songs from the region. Awarded a prestige audio engineering prize Ampex Golden Reel Award (1989, Crvena Jabuka; 1990, Tajči) and the national Porin Music Award for life achievement in 2007. Long term board of directors president of Hrvatska Diskografska Udruga (Croatian Phonographic Association). CEO of Croatia Records since 2006. Owner of Rockoko Studio Production. Founder of The Milky Way (6). Father of Antun Babogredac. ,
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