Real Name:Ian Hicks

Hixxy (born August 1975) is from Portsmouth, UK and his DJ roots can be found with an obsession for US Hip Hop and Rap and watching DMC Championship Videos.

Getting into rave music in the 1990s, he became resident DJ for Overload (promoted by Supreme on the Isle Of Wight, under the name DJ Hix (he later added an extra "X" so his DJ name looked bigger on flyers). Whilst DJing here he met lots of the top DJs of the period, including his DJ hero, Carl Cox. He also struck up a friendship with Dougal and began pestering him about setting up a label. He also started hanging around the Fusion record shop in Portsmouth, constantly asking if he could use the studio upstairs which was manned by Sunset Regime. He eventually got into the studio and released his first track, People's Party. Ramos also advised him to add an extra "Y" to his DJ name, as Hixxy was what everyone called him anyway.

1995 saw his friendship with Dougal lead to the Essential Platinum label being born. His track, Toytown was one of the biggest hardcore tunes of the period and led to him meeting with React about licensing it. Whilst in their offices the conversation turned to putting together a compilation, and the legendary Bonkers series was born.

After this period, he began working in Stu. J.'s Movement record shop in Southampton, as well as helping him promote his Adrenalin raves. He also hosted the happy hardcore show on Kiss FM.

With the hardcore scene in decline in the late 90s, Hixxy thought about leaving the scene, and experimented with slower, trancier sounds. When hardcore recovered and set up the Raver Baby label and parties. He also co-founded the rave organisation/label HTID (Hardcore Til I Die) with Mark Lambert. He went on to promote the Uproar events as well.

As of 2014, he is now signed to DJ Breeze's Futureworld label. He has also left HTID. , , X
Aliases:Dj Hixx, Ian Hicks, Jamie Baker, Jeremy Feeble, Yum-Yi
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