Real Name:Scott Lee Attrill

Once a major UK based happy hardcore producer. Has diversified into hard house, hard trance and techno in recent years. He was born in February, 1976.

Vinylgroover's career started due to his parents friendship with the owners of Sterns in Worthing. At the age of 14 he was there for an under-18s event called "Chance to Dance". He was talking to Carl Cox & Mensa when they were informed that Grooverider was going to arrive late for his set. Mensa asked Carl Cox to cover but he asked him to give Vinylgroover a go instead.
He then started hanging around the Fusion record shop in Portsmouth, where he was eventually given a job, and at 16 years old he became the shop manager. Working in the record shop gave him access to Fusion's studios, where his initial forays into production were engineered by Jim Sullivan. He also wrote for Wax magazine reviewing the latest hardcore releases. He was also the resident DJ for Fusion and Double Dipped.

He left the hardcore scene behind in 1999 to concentrate on hard house. This caused some anger with the hardcore rave community as he was seen as someone who left the scene for more money in the hard house scene. Also it was felt that his productions leading up to his departure were not of his usually high standard.

Producing UK Hardcore again as of 2021.

Aliases:AaREK, AGB, Apple Mac, Digitek (3), DJ Is Dead, Electronik Orchestra, Hardcore Masters, Higher Level (3), Mr. Monkey, Mr. X (5), North West, Phat Kat (7), S.A.Y Project, Scott Attrill, Sky Rise, The Hot Stepper, The Traveller (6), Undercover Project (2), Urban Noize
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