Rick NeigherCompositions & Recordings

Real Name:
Richard A Neigher
Record producer and songwriter who began his career after years of formal musical training and working in bands. Since his first producing project (Tonio K.'s "Romeo Unchained" LP (A&M), co-produced with T-Bone Burnett (Wallflowers)) Neigher has worked with the likes of Prince and John Mellencamp, as well as artists like Wave (WEA), Leah Andreone (RCA), Columbia Records' Melanie Doane, Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel (550/Epic) and country artist Shedaisy (Lyric St./Hollywood). Besides his work as a producer he has been writing professionally since he moved to Los Angeles from Massachusetts. At that time, Neigher, who says performing was never his main passion, made a conscious decision to pursue this specific aspect of the music business-being in the studio. Soon after he began to dedicate himself to songwriting, Neigher's songs came to be covered by a diverse collection of artists, such as Tuck & Patti, Joe Cocker, Wilson Pickett and Sass Jordan. He also wrote "Taste My Spirit" with a then yet unknown Alanis Morissette. In 2002 and 2003, songs written by Neigher were released by Shedaisy (Hollywood/Lyric St.), The Beu Sisters (S-Curve/Virgin), Closure (TVT), The Troys (Elektra) and others. Having been a staff writer at Almo-Irving, Warner/Chappell, Universal Music, and BMG Music, the releases of Neigher's songs have been on a broad demographic. In 2000, Rick recorded with Michelle Branch the CD called "Broken Bracelet." Michelle got signed to Maverick Records after that project. In 2001, Rick worked on various recordings of Niagra Falls group Wave (WEA), such as their songs "California" in Canada, "Think It Over" and "Sleepless". Neigher produced all three with co-writer Ben Dunk. In September 2002 Wave released their follow up cd "State Of Mind" with their 1st single "That's How It Feels," written and produced by Neigher. The Go-Go's reunion album, "God Bless The Go-Go's," included the track "Here You Are" which he also produced. Working with young unsigned bands is an important part of Neigher's career strategy as well, such as Orange County California's Sonichrome who signed a major record deal with Capitol Records. With a background as a musician and a songwriter, Neigher's work strategy as a producer is to develop and focus on a musical identity of an artist. That was the case with San Diego native Leah Andreone, with whom he co-wrote the entire album. Singer/Songwriter Kirsten Proffit's new CD on Broken Arrow records contains 3 new songs co-written with Rick Neigher as well and a 2006 release was scheduled next. Neigher worked also on John Mellencamp's single version of "Wild Night," a duet with Me'shell N'degeocello, and originally by Van Morrison.
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