Chicago (2) simonali6819

July 14, 2019
Why the hell does this longstanding group get that (2) after their name and some grey haired old giffer DJ get the prime Chicago listing? That's properly f*#?ed up!

Chicago (2) terryplattarchive

July 8, 2021
How many more times do I have to explain this? : The order of listed records and artistes on Discogs is NOT a hierarchy of importance, primacy or 'better/bigger than...'. Information on Discogs is crowd-sourced, and as such, it is simply the order in which the items have arrived in the database that confers the numerical order in which items or artistes appear. So what? Get over it!

Chicago (2) frednurks

November 25, 2019
Because he was listed on here first. First in best dressed.

Chicago (2) drpuk

October 9, 2016
I looked up a song by Romanian group Tailsman and the song is called Nu Iți Pot Cere Să Revii and apparently the song was written by Chicago. I do not the original song.

Chicago (2) xj23

October 29, 2020
Don't you mean David Foster feat. Chicago? He's responsible for Chicago morphing into the Easy Listening band of the 80s.

Chicago (2) anajonda

September 8, 2018
Evidence suggests this is "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", from Chicago 16.