Real Name:
Katsuhiko Sagai
Born in Sapporo city, Japan. lives in Berlin. An electronic music producer /Live/DJ. “ A true electronic music artist from Sapporo, Japan. Katsuhiko specializes in deep, hypnotic grooves. A fine blend of Detroit techno, Minimal, Ambient and Deep, Deep house.”
He starts performing as a DJ based in Sapporo, but soon he began to consider using his own sounds to express and make people dance and begun producing music on the laptop.
He had no choice to go to expensive analog machines, but software ‘Reason’ told him a lot about how the track made, the structure of the machine and the cabling etc. There were cafe/bar called 'CAFETRONIK', 'PROVO' and 'SOSO CAFE' which was a important playground and the crosspoint of his early times.
He has been playing his live set many times at Sapporo’s club ‘Precious hall’, Those opportunity made met him important friends for his creativity and humanity, like Akufen, Mathew Jonson, Guillaume Coutu Dumont, Jeff Milligan, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Petter, Deadbeat, Stephen Beaupre, Daniel Bell, Steve Bug and so on.
He participated in DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival) the Irish electronic art event, as Sketch Pad, which was formed with Sapporo’s producer Water Protection (süd electronic), On that year DEAF focused Asian artists and They got a recommendation from Akufen. Through the success at DEAF, He has worked as a re-mixer for the Ireland label Nice and Nasty in 2008.
And He has worked with Jeff Milligan's Revolver in Canada and produced with Jeff's voice sample which was recorded in Sapporo together. He released his debut album 'PENTACLE' on Nice & Nasty in May 2010, This album is followed by Richie Hawtin, Orde Meikle(SLAM), Laurent Garnier etc. and he also has been releasing 2nd Album, EPs(Vinyl, Digital), Remixes(Vinyl, Digital) and so on. He has launched own label "You Record" since 2011 and introducing skilled producers NASYN a.k.a Naohito Uchiyama(JP), Ghini-B(FR), Raphy Beltre(DR) and Dr.Atom(DE).
He has been playing several places in Berlin, Berghein Kantina, Wild Renate, About Blank, Chalet, Griessmühle etc. and Also he has been doing parties ‘Tokoton Nacaht’ with his partner Yuka since 2005 (Check below).
And in Aug 2017, Mergrim( moph records/ KGR'n TOKYO, Tokyo/Berlin) and Katsuhiko started a party called “Echo Point”, first night was at HRD Bar in Berlin w/Chica Paula, HEAR, Mergrim, Katsuhiko.


Katsuhiko Discography Tracks


NANO90 Katsuhiko - Pentacle album art Katsuhiko Pentacle(File, MP3, WAV, Album) Nice & Nasty Records NANO90 Ireland 2010
NANO149 Katsuhiko - Sun Is Rising And Moon Is Rising album art Katsuhiko Sun Is Rising And Moon Is Rising(File, MP3, WAV, Album) Nice & Nasty Records NANO149 Ireland 2015
YR001005 Katsuhiko - REMASTER WORK album art Katsuhiko REMASTER WORK(File, MP3, WAV, Album) You Record (2) YR001005 Germany 2017

Singles & EPs

YR002 Katsuhiko - Warming Up album art Katsuhiko Warming Up(File, MP3, WAV, EP) You Record (2) YR002 Germany 2011
NANO 102 Katsuhiko - Elemind Remixied album art Katsuhiko Elemind Remixied(4xFile, WAV, EP) Nice & Nasty Records NANO 102 Ireland 2011
YR003 Katsuhiko - The Stairs album art Katsuhiko The Stairs(File, MP3, WAV, EP) You Record (2) YR003 Germany 2011
YR001 Katsuhiko - The Field album art Katsuhiko The Field(File, MP3, WAV, EP) You Record (2) YR001 Germany 2011
YR004 Katsuhiko - Message EP album art Katsuhiko Message EP(File, MP3, WAV, EP) You Record (2) YR004 2011
YR005 Katsuhiko - Dreaming and Coming album art Katsuhiko Dreaming and Coming(File, MP3, WAV, EP) You Record (2) YR005 Germany 2012
Katsuhiko - Genome 2-1 album art Katsuhiko Genome 2-1 (EP) You Record (2) Germany 2014 Sell This Version
MAETTA016 Katsuhiko - CLASSIC 8 album art Katsuhiko CLASSIC 8(File, MP3, WAV, EP) Maetta MAETTA016 France 2014
NANO148 Katsuhiko - A Bit Dark But Still Bright album art Katsuhiko A Bit Dark But Still Bright(4xFile, AIFF, MP3, WAV, EP, 320) Nice & Nasty Records NANO148 Ireland 2015


REV 0026 Katsuhiko - Collaboration Series: Volume 2 album art Jeff Milligan vs. Shaka (5), Eric Downer, Katsuhiko Jeff Milligan vs. Shaka (5), Eric Downer, Katsuhiko - Collaboration Series: Volume 2(3xFile, MP3, 320) Revolver Recordings REV 0026 Canada 2009

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