The Dramatics


Soul vocal group

Originally formed in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan.
One of their first releases was Bingo! on the Wingate label, a division of Golden World owned by Eddie Wingate, but due to a misprint on the first pressing, they were referred to as 'The Dynamics'.
The group's fortunes flourished when Detroit producers Don Davis (2) and Tony Hester took command of their career and the group signed to the Memphis-based Stax Records in 1971.
US hits with the label included ‘Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get’ (R&B number 3 and pop number 9, 1971), ‘In The Rain’ (R&B number 1 and pop number 5, 1972) and ‘Hey You! Get Off My Mountain’ (R&B number 5 and pop number 43, 1973).
Through constant line up changes they recorded 20 albums between 1972 - 2002.
In 1974, they released an album along with The Dells.
In the 70's they recorded at Volt and ABC Records.
In the 80's they went through MCA Records, Capitol Records andFantasy.

Consisted of (at various stages):
Ron Banks, Larry Reed (lead singer), LJ Reynolds (lead singer), Rob Davis, Elbert Wilkins, William "Weegee Howard" Howard(lead singer), Willie Ford , Robert Ellington, Larry Demps, Leonard Cornell Mayes, Winzell Kelly. , , MySpace , Wikipedia , Who Sampled
Aliases:The Dynamics (23)
Members:Barrington Henderson, Elbert Wilkins, Gary Wiggins, Larry Demps, Lenny Mayes, LJ Reynolds, Raymond Johnson (3), Ron Banks, William Howard, Willie Ford
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