3 Phase

Real Name:Sven Röhrig

Electronic artist from Germany who started with punk and experimental electroacustic music at the beginning of the '80s. After that Sven started to record house and techno under the pseudonym 3 Phase. Live gigs, album releases and remixes followed. 3 Phase had his always moving Viruslab studios sometimes down in a separated tresor chamber in the Tresor Club where various tracks were produced. In the mid '90s he reduced his release activities. The re-opening of the Berlin Ostgut/Berghain Club end 2004 motivated and inspired 3 Phase to do club-orientated tracks and live sets again. So the technoid club orientated side of the 3 Phase project was relaunched and after a while of doing just improvised live sets the Virus Lab studio reached its 13th permutation in October 2006 .

Not to be confused with the electronic group/project 3Phase (David Fosci and Sam Haeata) , MySpace , Lastfm
Aliases:3 Minute Tantra, Anonymous (6), Fetus In Fetu, Motor Music, Sven Röhrig
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