Grand Wizard Theodore

Real Name:
Theodore Livingston
Old-school hip-hop DJ who is said to be the inventor of scratching. Member of one of the earliest hip-hop groups, The L Brothers, along with his brothers Mean Gene and Cordie-O.
He today spells his name Grand Wizzard Theodore.


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March 20, 2010
"I am hip-hop. My everyday life is hip-hop: what I do, what I say, the way I dress, the kind of music I listen to, seeing the graffiti on the walls all the time's like my everyday life. It's in my blood. If you was to cut my veins, a bunch of music notes and records would just start pouring out, ya know? It's just my life."
Quote taken from "Yes Yes Y'All" by Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahearn, DaCapo Press, 2002, page 340

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