Napalm Death FlammableDestrukktor

November 2, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
000024CPKX3 Mosh 109CD 926.109 (1994) Fear, Emptiness, Despair Non-Remaster. /
Diatribes 3CD Compilation MOSH9141 (2010) is a Non-Remaster compared to Noise For Music's Sake (2003) Remaster /
0000245BJX3 MOSH53CD (1992) Utopia Banished, Non-Remaster /
The DVD - MOSH 253DVD (2001) Very natural non-boosted violent middle, non-remaster. /
Punishment in Capitals CDVILED293X DVD Non-remaster, same sound as on the old SMADVD010 (2002) dvd. /
Then from 1997 to 2009, I only found non-remasters again (2017).

Napalm Death SeventhGun

March 3, 2017
Very cool idea by Earache: Vinyl on demand. Our chance to get Words From the Exit Wound on vinyl for the first time:

Napalm Death SeventhGun

September 16, 2017
They have reduced the necessary number to 200 now for each album

Napalm Death ratmaus

March 11, 2012
Anyone know anything about the 7" referenced in this article with electro hippies?


Napalm Death Transsilvania

March 22, 2015
I have it. It belongs to the Grindcrusher compilation (Vol. 1) on vinyl.

Napalm Death cypherism

March 23, 2012
edited over 9 years ago
Its the free 7" with the Grindcrusher LP


I got a few at the time off Hammy Peaceville and flogged em for loads a money

Napalm Death We.Have.Explosive

October 3, 2011
edited over 3 years ago
Prime grrindcore, to begin: loud, chaotic and intense. Two years dilution pushed Napalm Death into Morrisound where they pissed off half their fans by turning into a Death Metal band like any other with Benediction cookie monster Barney Greenway on vocals. Bill (Steer) and Lee (Dorrian) had gone on to great success with Carcass and Cathedral (respectively). Mick, noticing the ship was sinking, also went on to even better things with Scorn. The band currently recycles what they've been doing since 1990 for a living.

Napalm Death tcho100

January 12, 2016
What utter gash, but its your opinion so I respect you for that.

Napalm Death human_2.0

January 12, 2015
Think your mother doesn't allow you to listen to ND cause it's too agressive and unique so you are crying arround like a baby

Napalm Death djordje100

September 20, 2014
Every single word stated in this comment is the absolute and ultimate truth.

Napalm Death Dimis

January 16, 2014
I do not believe you have any clue of what you re talking about!

Napalm Death HM-2

November 18, 2012
oh, another ND hater claiming they recycle their old ideas and that everything was better back in the day... Goes to show you haven't even listened to their later stuff. I guess you also found "enlightenment" in Doom Metal as all the other sorry ass punks that grew tired of their old ideology