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Started in the early 80's and hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Pau Brasil has become one of the strong forces of instrumental Brazilian music, mixing in a unique sound roots/ethnic Brazilian elements with contemporary jazz and improvisation. They have achieved both national and international praise and success, as well as established a consequent discography. Several top Brazilian players such as Nenê, Lelo Nazario, Roberto Sion, Zé Eduardo Nazario have through time been members of or collaborated with the band, a perpetual sign of always high musical quality.
Members:Azael Rodrigues, Bob Wyatt (3), Hector Bisignani, Lelo Nazario, Nelson Ayres (2), Nenê, Paulo Bellinati, Ricardo Mosca, Roberto Sion, Rodolfo Stroeter, Teco Cardoso, William Caram, Zé Eduardo Nazario
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