Aril Brikha

Real Name:Aril Brikha

Aril Brikha (*1976) is a producer from Stockholm who initially discovered electronic music listening to the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean-Michel Jarre before discovering the sounds of people like Robert Hood or Underground Resistance. When not getting any response in his native country he sent a demo to some of his favourite record labels stateside. Before he knew it, Derrick May released "The Art Of Vengeance EP" featuring the track "Groove La Chord" on his Fragile Records label and was playing it all around the world. This was followed by the release of the "Deeparture In Time" album on Transmat. His live sets have been highly appreciated all the way from DEMF in Detroit to Fabric in London, playing his take on Detroit techno.

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Aliases:Art Of Vengeance, Ataril, First Movement, The Assyrian Lover
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