Real Name:
Marcin Drabot
A polish ambient artist devoted to minimal and longform music. Formerly known as Martin Dot and Ananta. The founder of Rain netlabel and 1485kHz records.


Aairria Discography Tracks


rain029 Aairria - Sleepwalking album art Aairria Sleepwalking(3xFile, ogg, VBR) Rain rain029 Poland 2008
rain027 Aairria - Floating Gate album art Aairria Floating Gate(2xFile, ogg, VBR) Rain rain027 Poland 2008
rain028 Aairria - Drone Works album art Aairria Drone Works(File, ogg, VBR) Rain rain028 Poland 2008
rain033 Aairria - Rainfall album art Aairria Rainfall(File, ogg) Rain rain033 Poland 2009
Aairria - Urbanisation album art Aairria Urbanisation (Album) Generator.pl Poland 2008 Sell This Version
rain040 Aairria - Chamber Of Winds album art Aairria Chamber Of Winds(File, MP3, Album, VBR) Rain rain040 Poland 2010
rain039 Aairria - Transit album art Aairria Transit(8xFile, MP3, VBR) Rain rain039 Poland 2010
rain041 Aairria - Distort album art Aairria Distort(4xFile, MP3, VBR) Rain rain041 Poland 2010
rain036 Aairria - Phonography Archive 01 album art Aairria Phonography Archive 01(File, ogg, Q7) Rain rain036 Poland 2010
rain034 Aairria - The Dreaming album art Aairria The Dreaming(4xFile, ogg, q10) Rain rain034 Poland 2010
rain038 Aairria - The Second Dreaming album art Aairria The Second Dreaming(4xFile, MP3, VBR) Rain rain038 Poland 2010
STP-006 Aairria - Music For Suicides album art Aairria Music For Suicides(CDr, Ltd) Snowy Tension Pole STP-006 Poland 2011 Sell This Version
rain042 Aairria - 2002 album art Aairria 2002(2xFile, MP3, Album, VBR) Rain rain042 Poland 2011
rain046 Aairria - Sleeping In Stormclouds album art Aairria Sleeping In Stormclouds(File, MP3, v0) Rain rain046 Poland 2011
rain045 Aairria - The Third Dreaming album art Aairria The Third Dreaming(3xFile, MP3, v0) Rain rain045 Poland 2011
kHz003 Aairria - Vexations album art Aairria & Haruhi Ixito Aairria & Haruhi Ixito - Vexations(File, MP3, Album, v0) 1485kHz records kHz003 Poland 2011
kHz002 Aairria - Moths album art Aairria Moths(File, MP3, Album, V0) 1485kHz records kHz002 Poland 2011
earman164 Aairria - Katharsis album art Aairria Katharsis(3xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Earth Mantra earman164 US 2011
none Aairria - Bengnuih album art Aairria Bengnuih(File, FLAC, Album) Not On Label (Aairria Self-released) none Poland 2011
kHz001 Aairria - Singles 2001-2010 album art Aairria Singles 2001-2010(8xFile, MP3, v0) 1485kHz records kHz001 Poland 2011
rain047 Aairria - The Fourth Dreaming album art Aairria The Fourth Dreaming(File, MP3, Album, v0) Rain rain047 Poland 2011
none Aairria - The Sorrowful Songs Of Water Spirits album art Aairria The Sorrowful Songs Of Water Spirits(5xFile, FLAC, Album) Not On Label (Aairria Self-released) none Poland 2011
none Aairria - Submerge album art Aairria Submerge(File, FLAC, Album) Not On Label (Aairria Self-released) none Poland 2011
none Aairria - White album art Aairria White(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Not On Label (Aairria Self-released) none Poland 2011
rain051 Aairria - Whitefall album art Aairria Whitefall(File, MP3, v0) Rain rain051 Poland 2012