Kofi Ani Johnson

Real Name:
Kofi Ani Johnson
Talented composer and arranger. He hails from Obosomaese-Akua-pem in the Eastern region. He was educated at the Obosomase Presbyterian Middle School. Kofi started his career as an Agriculture Labourer at Mepon near Asamankese in 1956. He later attended the Agriculture Training School at Bunso and was stationed at Mpamu near Afram Plains in 1960.
He joined the Ghana Police Band as a composer vocalist in 1964 and composed songs like Shuu Lege, Yen Sempa, Floyd Robertson, Calypso International Trade Fair song that backed the first Trade Fair film in 1967. He resigned from the Police service with the rank of Sergeant in 1970 and later formed the Parrots Dance Band (NKOO) at Nsawam and outdoored the band at the Apollo Theatre, Accra on the 8th August, 1971. At the birth of the band, Kofi Ani Johnson promised that he would put new blood in the Highlife music. Commenting on his musical knowledge, he took a course with the Royal School of Music. He is also a member of the International Composers Association, the P.R.S. London. He is a composer and arranger of all his works and takes the lead vocal. He is married and has six children,
(Info taken from Madamfo Pa LP, Obuoba -LPJN 06)
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