Trentemøller bojanantulov

March 30, 2018
Best musician and producer in the last decade in my humble opinion. So versatile, so melodic, deep and above all himself to the last cell in his body :)

Trentemøller as reviewed by prowave

October 26, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
One of the most talented artist of our days! And what is not less important - he is popular. That also happents not at all in every case with talented people. His own style is innovative and can't be confused with any other. Top quality production! Respect to Anders

Trentemøller as reviewed by Kybosh

October 5, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
What to say about this this moment in time, if you were to ask someone to create a cutting-edge, zeitgeist, minimal techy track then this would be the man. His programming is phenomenal, just listen to some of the beats on his tracks, to use a cliche it is just made to dance to. He's even put out some cofee-table stuff on Naked which presents the same, if diluted, genius drum programming. Brilliant.