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Louie Vega's live band project, inspired by groups and artists like War, Cymande, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Hammond and Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters.
The project originated in 2000 with the release of Elements Of Life, written by Vega and Blaze.
The first album, Elements Of Life, credited to Vega, was issued in Japan in 2003 before a wider release in 2004; a remix album, Elements Of Life: Extensions, followed in 2005. Both albums were reissued in 2020 with similar artwork but this time credited to Elements Of Life.
Vega's first EOL remix was Pushim - Like A Sunshine, My Memory in 2003 and in 2006 he won a Grammy for the Curtis Mayfield EOL remix from Mayfield: Remixed (The Curtis Mayfield Collection).
A one-off release, One Dream, featuring Vega's wife Anané, was released in 2007 following their pre-game appearance at the Super Bowl XLI.
Vega signed to Fania Records (the label to which his uncle Hector Lavoe was signed) for the release of their second album, Eclipse, in March 2013.
While not an EOL album, the band featured prominently on Vega's 2023 album Expansions In The NYC.

The current line up includes:
Louie Vega (musical director and conductor)
Josh Milan (keyboards and vocals)
Gene Perez (bass)
Luisito Quintero (percussion)
Yusnier Sanchez (percussion)
Axel Tosca (keys)
Tony Cintron Jr. (drums)
Lisa Fischer (vocals)
Cindy Mizelle (vocals)
Audrey Wheeler (vocals)
Dawn Tallman (vocals)
Ramona Renea (vocals)

Members:Albert "Sterling" Menendez, Ana Martins, Audrey Wheeler, Axel Tosca, Cindy Mizelle, Dawn Tallman, Gene Perez, Josh Milan, Kevin Hedge, Lisa Fischer, Louie Vega, Luisito Quintero, Ramona Renea, Raul Midón, Selan Lerner, Tony Cintron Jr., Yusnier Sanchez
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