Major Parkinson


Norwegian eclectic progressive rock band founded in Bergen, Norway in 2003. "Somewhere in between pop and psychosis, somber poetry and dark rock, you will find Major Parkinson. A fearless and distinctly different band, with a fresh and unconventional approach to the art of writing music." , All Music , Bandcamp , , Facebook , Instagram , , , Wikipedia , YouTube , YouTube
Members:Alf Borge, André Lund, Cato Olaisen, Claudia Cox, Eivind Gammersvik, Jens Erik Aasmundseth, Jon Ivar Kollbotn, Lars Christian Bjørknes, Øystein Bech-Eriksen, Sondre Rafoss Skollevoll, Sondre Sagstad Veland, Steinar Hjelmbrekke


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