Real Name:Grupo Novo Rock

Portuguese pop-rock band, created in 1980 by Alexandre Soares, Vitor Rua and Tóli César Machado. On the recording of first single, released in April 1981, they were joined by a fourth member, Manozé. Rui Reininho joins the group shortly thereafter as the lead singer and GNR record their first album during the summer of 1981 (at a time when Miguel Megre also joins the band). Following a show reduced to a trio (Rua, Reininho and Toli) on the Vilar de Mouros Festival in the summer of 1982, and a never released recording session (with Nuno Rebelo) later that year, Vitor Rua departs to focus on his Telectu project. During 1982, the same trio that played Vilar de Mouros writes and records the Alibi album by Manuela Moura Guedes, Toli joins Vitor Rua on the Telectu - Ctu Telectu album and they both participate in the recording and production of the Anjo Da Guarda album by António Variações. After such an intense year, GNR restart their career in 1983 with Jorge Romão joining Rui Reininho, Alexandre Soares and Toli for the recording of Twistarte.

Members:Alexandre Soares, Jorge Romão, Manozé, Manuel Ribeiro, Miguel Megre, Rui Reininho, Tóli César Machado, Vitor Rua, ZéZé Garcia
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