The Mobile Homes


Swedish music group founded in 1984 by Andreas Brun, Patrik Brun, Hans Erkendal, and Per Liliefeldt.

The group plays typical synthpop similar to Depeche Mode with the exception of a period in the late 90s and early 2000s when the music was more guitar and rock influenced. The name The Mobile Homes is taken from British rock/pop band Japan's song Still Life in Mobile Homes from the album Tin Drum. The members have also played together in the side project Sapporo 72 where the music is more inspired by Kraftwerk.

Their most successful album was Nothing but Something which on June 5, 1991 was on the sales list at number 42.

Over the years, Andreas Tilliander, Markus Mustonen and Sami Sirviö have also been members of the band. , MySpace , Facebook , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
Aliases:Sapporo 72
Members:Andreas Brun, Hans Erkendal, Markus Mustonen, Patrik Brun, Per Liliefeldt, Sami Sirviö
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