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Australian punk band.
The original 4 piece line up of Rocks formed in 1976 in Sydney and stormed through venues all over Sydney before unleashing their now legendary ‘You’r So Boring’ single in 1978, which is 6 tracks of full throttle buzzsaw punk rock at its best. Unfortunately later the same year they disbanded.
Fast forward 4 years though and Bill, Pete & Greg (3/4 of the original members) reconvened in a 3 piece line up – a formation of the band that is still active today with current drummer, Bibs. The 3 of them set about converting Greg’s place into a makeshift studio and knocked out an album’s worth of songs in a session that has subsequently been forgotten ever since.

In 2023 Evil Tone Records released previously unheard tracks as the ‘Rocks 1982: Garage Sessions’.
These 11 tracks pick up pretty much where they left off in ’78 – gritty, snarlin’ and punchy aussie punk rock that’ll grab ya instantly. Different versions of some of these tracks showed up later on various records but all recordings on the Garage Sessions are from an era and line up of the band that has to date been undocumented.
The Garage Sessions bridge the 10 year gap between 1978’s snotty ‘You’r So Boring’ and the later hardcore attack of 1988’s ‘Final Assault’ EP. This is Rocks in 1982, when lotsa bands had either given up, fallen apart or were going new wave – ROCKS stayed true with 3 chords, loud guitars, unwavering energy and a no bullshit attitude that they still carry to this day.
Bill – guitar & vocals
Pete – bass
Greg – drums , , , Facebook
Members:Bibs (2), Bill Posters, Greg Morris (4), Nasser Sultan, Peter Davie, Steve Vanderschoot
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