Emile Berliner

Emile (or Emil) Berliner was a German-born American inventor. Father of record executive Herbert S. Berliner.

Born: 20 May 1851 in Hanover, Kingdom Of Hanover (now Germany).
Died: 3 August 1929 in Washington, D.C., USA (aged 78).

Berliner is best known for developing the disc record gramophone (phonograph in American English).

He founded the "United States Gramophone Company" in 1893, "The Berliner Gramophone Company" in 1895, "The Gramophone Company" in London, England in 1897, "Deutsche Grammophon" in Hanover, Germany in 1898, and "Berliner Gram-o-phone Company of Canada" in Montreal in 1899 (chartered in 1904).