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Partly formed out of the Art Department of London's Island Records HQ in 1978, Basement 5 were an innovative and highly original black Post-Punk group who created a kind of politically charged, futurist Dub. Their lyrics were an attempt to reflect the situation of young people in Britain in the era of Thatcherism, high unemployment, strikes, racism, and working class poverty.
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September 5, 2009
Often refered to - at the time - as the black "pil", the connection was not entirely amiss, given that they were mates with john lydon and jah wobble. Basement 5 also had that same air of menace about them, and were much better live than they ever were on record.

I can testify to that fact, since i am fortunate to have seen them quite a lot in their early days, and have been wondering for a while now when or if, they will reform...

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