Commix is the 170bpm creative home for George Levings, and a name synonymous with the very best in forward thinking Drum & Bass.

Starting out as a trio, the Commix name has graced some of Drum & Bass’ leading labels since coming to prominence in the early 2000’s, and the debut album, ‘Call To Mind’, holds the honour of being the first solo artist album for historic label Metalheadz. The lead single, 'Be True', has long since cemented its place in Drum & Bass history as an anthem on the grandest scale, and the album itself was incredibly well received across the electronic music spectrum and is widely regarded as one of the best D&B LPs of all time.

As a DJ his focus is on the deep, the experimental and the musical. Drawing on his wealth of experience in both Drum & Bass and 4x4 based genres, he joins these styles together in a mesmerising weave, defying genre and categorisation.

In June of 2023 it was brought to light that George Levings of Commix had been offering music tuition whilst not providing the lessons over a three year period, amounting in ~£10000 debt owed to 25 people. This has caused the record labels Metalheadz and Hospital Records to remove Commix from their artist rosters, and his actions have caused the Drum and Bass community to distance themselves from the name Commix. The initial information about this controversy was on DOA (Dogs On Acid), the main Drum and Bass online forum. , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , X , Bandcamp
Members:Conrad Whittle, George Levings, Guy Brewer
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