Roggel is since 1991 a punk band that finds its origin in the squat movement of Ulft in the Netherlands. Their style was described by a journalist as "Sesame Street Punk", Because of their custom at that time to transform some children's songs into punk songs.However, in the early years they played fast straightforward old school hardcore and played exclusive in squats.

In the first year, the occupation consisted of Bart and Bobo (vocals) Hannie (guitar), Wilfred (drums) and Henk (bass). After 1992 the occupation was as it is still today.
Mathieu Rosmuller and Bastienne sang along in 1994. In 1996 Roggel splitted and excelled for two years in two seperate bands, "Roggel" and "Rochel" with 50% of the band members in each part. Rochel consisted of Bart Liebrand, Henk Boelens (bass), Herrie te Pas (drums) and Sander Kup. Roggel consisted of Wilfred Helge, Edgar Vos, Rick Kup. Since 1996, the band is back together in the original occupation. They do not advertise performances.



FUZO-001 Roggel - Smegmatische wantoestanden album art Roggel Smegmatische wantoestanden(Cass, Promo) Future Zoundz FUZO-001 Netherlands 1994 Sell This Version
FUZO-006 Roggel - Brainless kids album art Roggel Brainless kids(CDr, CD-ROM, Album) Future Zoundz FUZO-006 Netherlands 1995 Sell This Version

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