Real Name:Evgeny V. Kharitonov

EugeneKha is an electronic project of the Moscow composer and writer Evgeny (or Evgenij, or Eugene) V. Kharitonov, a member of various rock and synth formations since the mid-1980s. The EugeneKha project has existed since 2002, is actively touring and performing at club and festival venues. The stylistic boundaries of music are unstable, but rely on various facets of “slow sounding”: the project’s albums reveal different “genre addictions” of the musician - synthesizer dreamy electronics with a clear sci-fi color and references to the era of electronic space rock and the Berlin School of electronic music, atmospheric space ambient and drone-textures ... In the works of 2000-th there were also “alien elements” (techno, house, trance). In 2019 EugeneKha split into two ambient structures: the space synthesizer principle was left to EugeneKha (synthesizer-space ambient, New Age, Berlin), the “dark” and “terrestrial” went into the project “Perelog” (Dark Ambient, Ritual, Drone).
The only participant in the project musical career began in 1985 as part of the first Moscow disco theater "Columbus". In the 1980-1990s he played the guitar, sang and wrote songs in rock groups "The WE", "Russian storytellers", The “Temple of Dreams”, “Kharitonov Fuck Orchestra”, “Helter Skelter”, etc. Since the beginning of the 2000s, musically exists in the space of electronic and acoustic experimental music. Releases albums in a variety of styles (from syntwave to prog-jazz and ethnic) and under different names (Yoko Absorbing, Spacebirds, Nameless Dancers, Microbit Project). But the main direction for himself considers Ambient. Sometimes he performs “solo” under his own name - mainly sound-poetic performances, noise experiments and experiments within the academic musical avant-garde.
The creator of the label for ambient music '45 Echoes Sounds', curator of the avant-garde festival "Lapa Azora", music festivals Green Travel Fest, "Music To Dreams", "Ours in Space", etc.
In non-musical life - an experimental poet, philologist, head of literary projects of the Russian State Library for Youth, the author of a large number of publications on the history of science fiction, poetry and literary publications. , Bandcamp
Aliases:9 k h e v, DJ If, Dya, Echoes Sounds, Ethyl Snowman, EugeneKha And West Remi, Evgenij V. Kharitonov, Flows, Laser Visa, Microbit Project, Mikhail Lezin, Nameless Dancers, Perelog, Spacebirds, SynthyChild, West Remi, Yoko Absorbing, Андрей Князев (2), Каллисто-97, Клад Яда
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