Kaka De Luxe


The most important punk band in Spain, Kaka de Luxe was formed in 1977 with:
Olvido Gara, 'Alaska' (guitar), Enrique Sierra (guitar), Nacho Canut (bass), Fernando Márquez, 'El Zurdo' (vocals) and Carlos Gª Berlanga (backing vocals), although none of them could play any instrument (except Enrique). Later entered Manolo Campoamor as second vocalist and Pablo Martínez as drummer (and Javier & Enrique Urquijo as guitarist/bassist for a short time).
They only released one EP before splitting, but their influence would last years: they would found Radio Futura, Paraíso, Alaska Y Pegamoides, Dinarama, Parálisis Permanente, La Mode,...
Aliases:Javier Furia
Members:Carlos Entrena, Carlos García Berlanga, Enrique Sierra, Fernando Márquez, Ignacio Canut, Juan Luis Lozano, Manolo Campoamor, Olvido Gara, Pablo Martínez (2)




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