Augusto Algueró

Real Name:Augusto Algueró Dasca

Spanish composer, arranger, and orchestra leader. Also known as Augusto Algueró Dasca , Augusto Algueró hijo, or Augusto Algueró Jr./Jnr. (born 23/02/1934 in Barcelona, Spain - Died 16/01/2011 in Torremolinos (Malaga), Spain). Son of arranger, composer, publisher Augusto Algueró (2), father of composer Augusto J. Algueró García and ex-husband of Carmen Sevilla.
It is sometimes difficult to confirm the correct credit, e.g. a song composed by Augusto Algueró Algueró and/or his son Augusto Algueró Dasca: Augusto Algueró Dasca began very young to compose and as a minor, his father registered to the rights society sgae, and also the revenues were shared between the roles of music composer (the son) and music publisher (the father), and also several songs were written together - while only "Augusto Algueró" was credited, and became Augusto Algueró Algueró as they digitize the cards in a database. So is not really reliable here.
Some songs by Augusto Algueró Dasca (son): Canta Conmigo, La Montaña, Porque No Soy Un Angel, Don Quijote, Las Chicas de la Cruz Roja, Enamorada, Eres diferente, Estando contigo, Me conformo, Siempre es domingo, Penélope, Te quiero, te quiero, La chica ye-ye, Tómbola ... Another tip is his close collaboration with lyricist Antonio Guijarro, and all songs published before 1950 can't be by Augusto Algueró Dasca.
Apart from his activities as a songwriter and arranger, he worked extensively for Spanish television as a conductor; he was the musical director of the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid and led the orchestra for two more Spanish Eurovision entries in 1970 (Julio Iglésias) and 1972 (Jaime Morey). , Wikipedia , ,
Aliases:Gustavo Dasca
In Groups:Augusto Algueró Y Su Orquesta, Los Indonesios
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