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TEDD10A DJ Flynn - For The Love Of Dub - Vol 2 album art Various Smackdown Conquest (Original Mix) and 1 more… Various - For The Love Of Dub - Vol 2(File, MP3) T Dance Digital TEDD10A USA, Canada & Europe 2013


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December 11, 2018
edited over 17 years ago
I've been trying to figure out who this guy is. I found mp3's via
gnutella and napster and really loved the sound. It's apparently
2 step garage -- defintely garagey in that it's funky, soulful, gospel
and blues based, a little disco-ish too, and features those types of
sounds over a 2 step style beat. At any rate, the shit is on, Flynn
has a really nice dubby sound with bits of vocals, but not too over-
blown on the vocals from what I've heard and it defintely bumps hard.
From what I've found looking through the www he's a Munich DJ. Take
this with a grain of salt -- I have only found German sites which appear
to feature comments on him and I don't really speak German, but it
appears that he is either located in Munich, started there, or perhaps
simply holds a residency there. So that's all I know... I'd love to find out more, and it'd be great to attend a set, but as I'm in SF, Munich is a bit of a ways to go. If anyone has any info on him, I'd much appreciate it if you'd drop me a line at

thanks and step lively y'all...