Jacob Korn

Real Name:Jacob Korn

Jacob Korn is an artist in residence at the Trans-Media-Lab (TMA) in Dresden-Hellerau, Germany, working on the connection of interactive participation offers in the context of electronic dance music. The search
for an ideal format of a virtual environment, which extends the classic dialogue between musician and audience at parties to a third dimension, is the key element in his approach to an audio-visual concert.
The movements on the dance-floor are recorded with the aid of a motion-sensing-system into the live-set. They are then embedded into the presentation of electronic dance music by means of attractive visual objects - almost in the form of a dialogue.
The music has a deeply technoid, melodious house-sound. Jacob Korn has already worked as remixer for Clueso (FOUR music) and has produced records for various international labels, icluding Running Back, Klakson and AstroLab. , MySpace , , Facebook , Soundcloud
In Groups:Faust (8), Kornhead, Sket, Serial Error
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