DJ Qudo

DJ Qudo

Real Name:
Francis Nally
"DJ Qudo is a minimalistic chiptune act based in Pennsylvania. Started in 2007 under various names, the DJ Qudo act was to perform and release music exclusively produce on a Gameboy Camera. His name originally was DJ Edo, a parody of Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot. Since the name Edo was already in use, he switched over to Qudo, for a similar sound-alike. DJ Qudo now is the sole name for all chiptune(?) related music released during his time through the late 00's. Alias used were Some Band, Chiritory, Sound Wagon, and Hideo Motai. The self release and friend label Killing 774 was use to promote the names and other Gameboy Camera acts. Another self release label Letzle Hoffnug promoted works on 3inch discs and produce the 100 limited DJ Qudo 7inch sold at shows around town and in Philadelphia. DJ Qudo currently gets good grades in school and wishes to produce more music in the future." -Last.FM 25 Jun 2010.


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001 DJ Qudo Go Go Go!(CDr, Mini) Letzle Hoffnug 001 US 2008 Sell This Version