The Bleeding Heart Band


Roger Waters' backing band for a brief period of his post-Pink Floyd solo career.
This band moniker "The Bleeding Heart Band" first appeared for Waters's contribution to the soundtrack of the film When The Wind Blows in 1985, and the band existed until 1990 featuring on Radio K.A.O.S. and The Wall (Live In Berlin).

For the following years Roger Waters did not use the Bleeding Heart Band name, even though several of the members (such as Broad, Fairweather-Low, and backing vocalist Katie Kissoon) had long been part of his band. For his "The Wall Live tour" (2010-2013), Waters introduced his musicians as the Bleeding Heart Band once again.

Members:Andy Fairweather-Low, Doreen Chanter, Graham Broad, Jay Stapley, Jim Farber, Jim Haas, Joe Chemay, John Gordon (4), Jon Joyce, Nick Glennie-Smith, Paul Carrack, Peter Wood (2), Rick DiFonzo, Snowy White




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